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Had your fill of tragicomedies involving lip melanoma and drugged up Packages today? Us too! That's why we are calling your attention to this heartfelt, almost too-adorable-for-words diary entry penned by original Brat Packer Andrew McCarthy. You see, Slate commissioned McCarthy to keep a diary to detail what life is like on the estrogen-fueled set of Lipstick Jungle. And while he's certainly no Bret Easton Ellis when it comes to prose, his whimsical musings on why shooting a series in New York "feels much like it does when one is first falling in love" should at least get him an offer from Harlequin.

McCarthy reminds us of a seasoned romance novelist in that he has a knack for describing mundane shooting situations (crossing the street on a cell phone!) with outright glee. After wrapping a make-out scene outside an Upper East Side townhouse at night with "the pavement glistening with the fresh sparkle of a wet-down," McCarthy says he's officially added the corner of 79th and 5th to his "list of private landmarks." While we doubt one of the busiest corners of New York is "private" enough, we'd gladly meet McCarthy there to re-shoot this scene once LJ comes to its swift (but romantic!) death.