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For those of you deflated by yesterday's devastating news that the annual Vanity Fair Oscars party had been canceled, in deference to the striking writers and the $250,000 worth of crabcake canapés that risked going uneaten if they weren't able to iron out their differences in time, some encouraging news: We bring you the (mildly stale) news that Wolfgang Puck unveiled the full 2008 Governor's Ball menu to a gathering of reporters last week, where they were free to photograph the smorgasbord of Oscar-themed noshes to be served after the hopefully star-intact ceremony. (Any attempt at sampling, however, was quickly met with a swift, stinging swat from the celebrity chef's rubber spatula.) Javier Bardem, life-sized and in chopped liver, after the jump!

The selection, reports the Yumsugar blog, will include "miniature kobe burgers, parmesan mac n' cheese, a ceviche station, a noodle station, a shellfish station, a pizza station, a sushi station, antipasti and a Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef entree," serving guests the most delicious snake mignon they're likely to have ever tasted. Also, lucky invitees will be relieved to learn that last year's featured dessert, a Hepatitis and Blackberry Cheesecake, has been replaced with something just as sweet, but far less heavy and infectious.