EW.com's Jeff "Doc" Jensen may be one of the biggest nerds of all time. But we think it's kind of great. His write-ups of the (still good!) mystery series Lost are some of the most thorough (but not too much) and lucid on the garbled, bizarro internet. Occasionally he'll get to watch an episode ahead of time and his giddy, jumping-up-and-down-and-clapping enthusiasm for what we're about to see is palpable and infectious. He's never really Comic Book Guy-ish about it, only criticizing when it's absolutely necessary. If you're a fan of the show (and you really, really should be) we can't recommend reading Jensen enough. Though, you may want to stay away from the comments section. What goes on down there, much like the basements where the comments are written, is horrifying and definitely covered in an orange Cheetos smear.