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In an unexpected development sure to rock the sentient-sportscar-voiceover world, Variety reports NBC has announced that it's had to make an 11th hour substitution in its casting of KITT for the network's soon-to-debut Knight Rider movie, rushing last-minute savior Val Kilmer (Val Kilmer!) into the studio to redo all of the dialogue already recorded by outgoing Mustang-inhabitor Will Arnett.

Apparently, the people at General Motors who've long been signing Arnett's paychecks to be the voice of GMC Trucks have suddenly become aware that the revived Knight Rider is essentially a co-production between NBC and rival Ford (whose logo not only appears in all promotions for the program, but will be digitally superimposed upon new star Justin Bruening's forehead in every frame), and have politely asked their spokesman to step away from the project. Despite this bizarrely late-arriving contractual snafu, we must credit Peacock emperor Ben Silverman with making a spectacular save in landing Kilmer; the gifted actor will surely bring a new dimension to the part, alternately imbuing the supercar's lines with a fluid, Morrisonesque sexuality, an Iceman-quality arrogance, or thundering, Old Testament menace.