Having dispensed with ten or so totally boring minutes discussing the plight of millions of Iraqi refugees with U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie, CNN correspondent Arwa Damon felt that she'd established enough of a rapport to end their conversation by finally broaching the only subject the network's viewers really care about: "Hey, Angie, are you all knocked up with Brad's beautiful twinsies or what?" From CNN's transcript of Jolie's interview on the refugee crisis:

Damon: There are reports out of Hollywood that... (laughs)

Jolie: Oh don't. Stop it. (interupts I had to ask) Stay true to your tradition. You're CNN. Don't do it!

Damon: I know that's why I have to... (Laughs)

Jolie: But I don't have to answer. OK?

Damon: No you don't. I completely and totally ... you're right and will not press the matter.

Jolie: Thank you.

Unfortunately, the testy, uncomfortable exchange seems to have been edited of CNN's video of the interview, the "new" end of which we've excerpted in the clip above. At least judging from the transcript of their chat, Jolie seems to have been genuinely surprised that her inquisitor attempted to steer the conversation wombward, having lulled herself into a false sense of security when she discovered that the network had sent a real journalist, and not designated celebrity-population-control expert Larry King, to handle her questioning.