Oh noes! Michael Stipe, arbiter of coolness and edgy good taste, is supporting Tao Lin's writing career. The REM singer went to the new DUMBO bookstore Melville House and bought Eeeee Eeee Eeee. 24-year-old Tao employs many interns who often email us, and gives his stories titles like "Love is a thing on sale for more money than there exists." Which is the only thing about them that's Carver-esque. He also writes poems, and the one titled "I hate my blog, I hate my interviews" may be one of the most telling statements of our time. [NYP]

i hate my blog, i hate my interviews

i need to start not making sense in interviews

instead of sounding like an ass all the time

the blogosphere is scary, i feel hated, it feels bad

the internet is not the calm place of fun and relaxation it used to be

when i played text-based multi-player role-playing games

and sold diablo ii items on ebay [Reader of Depressing Books]