Celebrated actress Paris Hilton has a new film coming out this weekend entitled The Hottie & Nottie. She has been shamelessly promoting this movie, which is about a pretty girl (Hilton, natch) and her ugly friend (Christine Lakin, from Step by Step!), all over the place, from the Sundance Film Festival to my ivy-covered, mortarboard-littered hometown of Boston. (Where apparently she was the biggest damn thing to hit town in years. Sigh.) Usually when an actor has a film that's supposedly this abysmally bad (only 10% on Rotten Tomatoes) they completely ignore it and do as little press as possible. But not Hilton. She's been on TV shows like Letterman and Ellen, bopping around, making jokes. You almost have to admire it. Trailer is above and, after the jump, a clip from the film that shows off Paris's beguiling talent and the totally snappy script. Plus, Hilton on Letterman. [Our favorite review: Slant, via NYT]