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And The George "Fat Clooney" Clooney Memorial Oscar For Suffering In The Name of Award-Winning Art goes to No Country for Old Men's Javier Bardem, whose willingness to be saddled with Anton Chigurh's instantly iconic bowl-cut had serious psychological repercussions for the actor. Says co-star Josh Brolin: "He was depressed during the process...He felt like he wouldn't have sex for three months. Full-blown depression. I mean, bad. (He) didn't like the way he looked. He'd stay home for hours on end. He wouldn't go out."

Confirms Bardem: "You see yourself, you see the haircut. You don't realise that it's affecting you in a very delicate way, through your own psyche. What happened to me was that after a couple of weeks, I was a little bit - a little bit - strange to myself. There was something that was not familiar. It was like, 'What am I doing here?" Of course, even the most profound of these wounds will heal instantly upon receiving his Best Supporting Actor in two weeks, particularly that brief fear about an inability to get laid. [Entertainmentwise UK via Guanabee]