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Professional media spokesman and dessert entrepreneur Michael Sands is already helping his new client, Britney-associated character Sam Lutfi, put a nonchalant spin on his shady activities. What's the best PR strategy when a client is facing legal peril as well as the public dismantling of his reputation? Make bizarre rationalizations to a little-known Hollywood blogger, of course!

Q: Why did Sam give her prescription medications when he is not a doctor? Sands: "Sam had been giving prescription medication smashed up to Spears via a psycho-pharmacologist. It was a cocktail of sorts. It was pills that she had to take and he took care of her."

Q: Who was Sam to Britney?
Sands: "Sam was Spears manager. if you look at the movie "Frances," Britney is the 21st century version of Frances Farmer. Spears has mental illness called 'bipolar disorder,' I know this because my ex-wife suffered from it."

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