Today, TMZ vampire Harvey Levin visited NYU's journalism department to talk about how he practices his craft and the entire self-aggrandizing mythos of journalism reportedly ate its own tail and then puked it back up in disgust, forever. Our favorite quotes:

  • "It's a huge issue, especially with Britney Spears. Her parents are seriously worried that they're going to have to call the coroner soon. And those aren't my words. She has multiple personalities.... It's outrageous that they [U.C.L.A.] would let her go. The paparazzi haven't helped her. We give our cameramen explicit instructions. They're not allowed to chase, break the law, or go on private property."
  • "I said, 'we're gonna cover Britney Spears the way David Gregory [NBC News Chief White House Correspondent) covers President Bush.'"
  • "I just read a book about Einstein."