· The impossibly shiny-haired co-hostess of Attack Of The Show, Miss Olivia Munn, is the cover girl of this month's Complex magazine. When you're done watching the video from the saucily nostalgic photoshoot, take a look at the final photos in all their Munnsian glory. Or vice versa.
· Ben Foster + Ally Hilfiger = some of the best Polaroids we've seen in awhile.
· If you're looking for somewhere to go swimming after midnight, it's gonna have to be somewhere other than the Standard Hotel. Their request to extend their pool hours just got denied.
· Looks like that Variety ad just may have paid off. Corey Haim is set to shoot some "additional scenes" for Lost Boys 2.
· And lastly, Slate's Dana Stevens takes a look at how the Juno backlash got its start. Yes, burger phones are mentioned.