This month's Advocate magazine contains an article about the "Homophobosphere", a term they've coined for gay bashing on comment enabled sites like YouTube. And would you believe it: sad, peroxide-stained pixie and Britney Spears apologist Chris Crocker has somethin' to say about it! Specifically, "Fuck you." While getting lost on his way to a garbled paper bag metaphor, he manages to splurt out a few expletives toward all those queer hating commenters. Oh, and The Media! The Media that latched so firmly onto his infamous Britney defense video, but, he insists, will NOT cover this video. Because of the homophobery. (Well, here you go, Chris.) This is all expounded in his typical shrieky fashion, prompting YouTube commenter marwil2629 to quaintly suggest: "stick a dick in your mouth so we dont have to hear you anymore." Oh dear. I think we'll let this little self-generating love/hate fest play out on its own and go read Queerty or something. No homophobosphere there!