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Alltop is Guy Kawasaki's latest project: a news aggregator which shows the titles of the last few posts from a number of different blogs in various categories including Politics, Sports, Fashion and the very aptly named Egos. The top of the Egos section includes feeds from inflated-head, Internet-famous writers like Robert Scoble, Michael Arrington, Dave Winer, Jason Calacanis, and, of course, Guy Kawasaki. In other words, it's an overblown blogroll, if a well-designed one. Nice work, Guy! We asked Fake Steve Jobs what he thought about being included in the Egos list: "I'm not sure what this site is all about, but I'm deeply honored to be included. Guy Kawasaki is a personal hero." Guy, be warned: You do not have a lock on the ego-inflation market.