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Give Michael Arrington credit: He tried to hire his worst best critic, Uncov editor Ted Dziuba, who spent several months shadowing TechCrunch posts with scathing, technically astute slams of Web 2.0 startups and their products. Arrington's offer sounds pretty sweet: "write a weekly or monthly column for us. we'll call it a counter balance to our hype. No rules or restrictions on what you write," was Arrington's email, according to Dziuba. But from what I know of Ted, he has two reasons not to take the offer.

First, he's making far more money as an engineer for Persai than anyone will ever pay him to write. (B) Ted's probably afraid that by appearing on TechCrunch he would, to use his own words, "get classified in the same short bus as all of the other failboats in there."