Quickly following Friday's announcement that The Insider's Pat O'Brien was returning to rehab to re-exorcise the demons he previously beat back in early 2005 was the reappearance of the I'm Stuck in Rehab with Pat O'Brien blog, whose anonymous author also finds himself back in the same undisclosed recovery center through an incredibly unlucky twist of fate. Reports the blogger: "It seems Pat O'Brien is still under the impression that he's on Celebrity Rehab. At breakfast this morning Pat O'Brien asked me if I had had sex with Mary Carey yet. 'As soon as I see her I'm going to lock that up,' he said." We can only hope that O'Brien has learned from the clumsy, cameraphone-assisted romantic overtures that drove Daniel Baldwin from Rehab, and that his hallucinatory pursuit of Mary Carey doesn't result in the same kind of sobriety-challenging disappointment. [I'm Stuck in Rehab With Pat O'Brien]