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In a crowded awards season, studios have never been above resorting to clever marketing gimmicks to get their movies noticed, plying critics and journalists with everything from fanciful Juno hamburger phones to desktop pneumatic-bolt-stunners accompanied by notes reading, "How many times do we need to drill this into your skull: No Country for Old Men is this year's most acclaimed film!" Hopping upon that bandwagon is Paramount Vantage, who, reports, have caught wind of the "I drink your milkshake. I drink it up!"-mania currently gripping the nation:

They used the unusual, malt-based metaphor as the centerpiece of There Will Be Blood's internet suck-up campaign, throwing in for good measure a coupon for a free Cold Stone Creamery milkshake. It's precisely the kind of simple, ear-to-the-ground promotion technique that winds up getting noticed, and is far less injurious than their original plan of sending the media Blood-branded bowling pins designated for bludgeoning office rivals.