Everyone knows that the most popular web videos are almost always crap. Did the Onion A.V. Club not check this before launching Videocracy, a daily list of "the most-talked-about online video content," or did they not care? Because in their inaugural chart [a commenter points out that the feature's a year old, which makes it even less explicable], each editorial description is a variation on "fuck you." Clip number 3 is "honestly not that impressive," #5 is "boring" (and like five years old), #6 is "annoying," 7 is "never-funny."

This isn't just the product of a snide writer, it's true; but why bother telling me not to watch these things? If they're so important and buzzed about, save me the time and sum them up instead of just saying "Man, we hate this guy." You're writers, aren't you? Give me a run-down or go find me something worth watching, so you can at least rack up pageviews with the embedded video.

The problem is, while there's lots of good and popular web video (even if 90% of it is on Super Deluxe), none of it is the most popular thing on any given day. The upside is that if you don't watch the "buzzed-about" crap that tops the charts, you actually don't miss out. The guy who shoved a soda can in his mouth is not getting a movie deal. Sometimes a breakout talent shows up in the top charts, but you can usually pick it out anyway and ignore the other 9 in the YouTube Top 10.

That said, you actually do need to see this clip called "Ronald McDonald Insanity." But skip to the three-minute mark and just watch ten seconds. Which is honestly how to watch all top-10 videos.