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Facebooker Dave Morin, in this photo snapped at MySpace's San Francisco launch party last week, seems to be gazing longingly at Rupert Murdoch's rival social network. Could he be switching teams? "He seemed to be very friendly with a number of MySpace execs at their god-awful party last week," reports a tipster. "He turned up late and then they all seemed to leave
together to go off somewhere." It might be time for Morin, Facebook's senior platform manager, to make a move. Some developers respect his enthusiasm for Facebook's platform, but one told me, "He's in over his head."

As Facebook hires more grownups, Morin could well be looking for a new challenge. MySpace certainly could use the help. Then again, perhaps he's just visibly consorting with the enemy to scare a promotion out of his bosses. That would suggest Morin's critics have underestimated his cleverness.