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Katherine Heigl is not a doctor, but she plays one on TV. Scratch that, we just learned that she plays one in real-life, too! The Emasculation of Joshua Tour never fails to disappoint, as evidenced by Joshua's admission to People that it was none other than Katherine who diagnosed him with Attention Deficit Disorder, thereby saving him from a life of scribbling doodles for spare change:

"'When we first met, I could tell that my A.D.D. would definitely frustrate her a little bit...It's like, I would be drawing on paper tablecloths when I should have been engaging in conversation - little things like that. No one ever told me that before. Nobody ever cared. But she does. And I like that."

Ah yes, that's the Katie that we know and love loathe, the condescending, controlling, chain-smoking harpy who used her oppressive will to change Joshua from "being a boyish man to a man's man" (his words, not ours). As the interview continues, Joshua goes on to detail what domestic life is like at Casa Heigl (remember, it's HER house). Josh claims the two are simple homebodies who don't play into that whole Hollywood scene, instead preferring to "stay in, cook, watch Dexter, make music and paint." Sure sounds manly to us!