George Romero, master of the zombie genre, made some really good movies in the second half of the last century, in particular the classic Night of the Living Dead and the satirical but still fucking scary "zombies in a Pittsburgh shopping mall" Dawn of the Dead. So it is with great sadness that we watch him trundle off into irrelevance via the "keepin' up with the kids!" route. His newest walking dead movie is called Diary of the Dead, and like Cloverfield and Brian DePalma's Redacted before it, employs that irksomely popular (and rarely successful) motif of faux "found footage." An enterprising young man has decided to document the zombie apocalypse because, I guess, he figures that YouTube will be the only thing left once all our brains have been eaten. I suppose it can be a nifty technique when used properly, but if his super clunky 2005 effort Land of the Dead is any indication, old Romero just isn't at the top of his game anymore. Though, I guess we can't blame him for not wanting to hole up in his house forever, the ghastly moans of the past rattling the doors and windows. [AV Club] After the jump, a trailer for Diary of the Dead.