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In a shocking—shocking!™—development destabilizing the world of preternaturally talented child actresses whom Hollywood will suck dry before their 18th birthdays and banish to SAG's Not-So-Cute Anymore Halfway House in Reseda, both Dakota and Elle Fanning have abruptly exited the film My Sister's Keeper, the project that would have represented the sisters' first cinematic collaboration since sharing a character in I Am Sam.

At issue, according to Var's sources, was Dakota's refusal to shave her head for the role, a bizarre conflict considering that the elder Fanning's dedication to her craft had previously been so total that not even the prospect of implied indie-film molestation could scare her away. Taking over for Dakota is ostensibly more compliant, two-years-older Medium star Sofia Vassilieva; Elle, however, has been replaced by hated rival Abigail "Little Miss Sunshine" Breslin, a clear message from the movie's frustrated producers to the Fanning Clan that there are plenty of preteen flavors-of-the-month more than happy to intercept the paychecks of their little earners if they're no longer hungry enough to put up with the occasional unflattering haircut in the name of their Art.

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