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SF Weekly writer Mary Spicuzza attempted to track down Griot, a Wikipedia editor with a record of baiting other users into getting banned. She chronicled her meandering, unsuccessful saga in 4,275 paralyzing words. Snipping out a lot of needless narrative and ruminations about anonymity and accountability online, we arrive at an elegant 100-word account of the hunt for a Wikipedia user.

Wikipedia. "Edit war." Unleashed the wrath of Griot. San Francisco [has] a lot of "Internet rage." "Take your meds and shaddup." Made more than 5,000 edits to 275 Wikipedia stories in three years. I was going to find the Griot. Bait by editing one of his entries. "Why me?" Feb. 8, Griot was blocked over sock puppeteering. "Dear Mary Spicuzza, Next Christmas Santa Claus is going to put a large lump of coal in your cyberstalking." "Griot, you're a real mean-spirited jerk who bullies those who disagree with you, but I'd like to hear your side of the story."

(Photo by Beatrice Murch)