Reggie Davis, the attorney booted from Yahoo's legal team and granted a face-saving job monitoring fraudulent clicks on Yahoo's ad network, was not laid off, as a tipster told us. Here's how he told his staff he's still on the job:

From: Reggie Davis []
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:46 AM
Cc: Tim Cadogan; Lynne Secrest; David Pann; Robert Dillon; Cheryl Kellond; Bill Schmarzo; Marilyn Poucher Subject: hey folks - I am still here....
Despite the reports in valleywag to the contrary, I am still here at Yahoo! Thanks for those of you who thought this was real and were concerned for me and my family - clearly the silver lining in this silly sideshow. That said, I will now expect everyone to refer to me as "Mr. Suck Up" and not just suck up.... Thanks, Reggie