Lisa Brennan-Jobs on her "glamorous world"

Apple CEO Steve Jobs fathered a daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, who has grown up into the very image of her famous father. Biographies of Jobs have recounted how he initially refused to acknowledge her, but later invited her to live with him as a teenager. In a first-person article in February's Vogue, Brennan-Jobs addresses her personal history — as far as we know, for the first time. Here's the 100-word version:

In California, my mother had raised me mostly alone. We didn't have many things, but she is warm and we were happy. We moved a lot. We rented. My father was rich and renowned, and later, as I got t know him, went on vacations with him, and then lived with him for a few years, I saw another, more glamorous world. The two sides didn't mix, and I missed one when I had the other. When I left Marco he gave me a gift: a small glass snail. I think it meant that I'd had my home all along: Snails carry their home with them wherever they go.