With the fumigation circus tent removed from the Big Brother house on the Radford lot, every stubborn germ, virus, and parasite from the last batch of contestants effectively snuffed, we're now ready for another round of the hit CBS reality series. And while there was certainly nothing broke with the show's last incarnation—who doesn't love watching 16 off-duty bartenders stand around a kitchen island sharing Jew-spotting tips?—they've tweaked Season 9 considerably. Big Brother: 'Til Death Do You Part pits eight teams of two against one another: all couples. And by that we mean, sex-having couples.

This, of course, led the show's night-vision cameras to capture some not-exactly-family-viewing activities, available to pervy all-access premium subscribers. (Video above, possibly NSFW.) Upon subsequent viewings, we're stricken by how team Matt and Natalie's bobbing-comforter exploits are rendered even hotter by the snoring accompaniment of an unseen housemate. (Seriously, Julie Chen. Sometimes we have no idea how you preside over all this tawdriness. Do you kiss Les with that mouth?)