Welcome to the Gawker Locker Room: where maturity goes to die! Here your host and toastmaster Furious George will present a topic of discussion for open commentary, vigorous debate, and potential masturbatory purposes. Our topics will be diverse, random, juvenile, and vitally important. Last week I stated my intention to make the Gawker Locker Room is a safe place for womyn and geighs. And to that end, I thought about asking a nice and cheeky question. Something along the lines of: "Which male Gawker personality is the most fuckable?" But then I realized that everyone would pick me, and furthermore, that they'd be correct. So that question was out the window. And then I got to skimmin' every damned comment in the previous Locker Room thread, hoping to stumble across some juicy subject matter. One topic came up more consistently than most: Anderson Cooper. But once again, I think he's far too easy a subject. "Would you fuck Anderson Cooper?" has only one correct answer, and even I'm not ashamed to admit it. Besides, ol' Andy gets too much attention these days. Surely there are dozens, if not baker's dozens, of up-and-coming hunks and hotties lurking in Anderson's shadow. Why do we never discuss them? Why do we leave them of our greeting cards, our love letters, our interpretive watercolors, our one-act plays, our slash fiction, our self-administered tattoos, and our court orders? Do not they - the slavishly hard-working, the impressively credentialed, the hopelessly credible - deserve to be objectified? And so I ask you all: Which cable news hottie (male or female) is the most underrated, and why? Update: Commenter fiveinchtaint's Allison Williams link is totally NSFW.