Google swallowed 19 companies last yearDoubleClick and Postini lead a list of 19 acquisitions Google completed during its fiscal 2007, according to the company's annual 10-K filing. After the $3.1 billion it spent on DoubleClick and the $625 million for Postini, the rest of the deals cost Google $281.6 million. Want a piece next time the pie goes round? Here's the guy Google just put in charge of finding small fish in 2008.

Google swallowed 19 companies last yearMeet Davie Lawee, Google's new vice president of corporate development. Once Google's vice president of marketing, Lawee's been looking for a new gig at the company ever since it poached Andy Berndt from Ogilvy & Mather and Lawee realized his job was pointless.

The new role is perversely fitting. Over the summer, we named Lawee to our list of "Toogle Many Googlers" who needed to go. Now he's the guy in charge of bloating the company even more.


(Photo by peskymac)