The Sydney Morning Herald provides a rundown of new words that have entered the lexicon. Sadly, many have to do with blogging. There's "bloggerati" (influential people in the blogging world, natch), and "bullycide" (suicide caused by bullying, like the Myspace suicide incident). They also list a bunch of cluelessly old words like "tanorexic" and "carbon footprint" and "homeland security" and "vegansexual." Maybe the brave new lexicon takes a little longer to travel all the way to Australia? We'd like to suggest a few of our own:

Emosogynistic: boys who act all emo and sensitive but who are actually totes not.

Fuckjam: any song whose primary use is in the bedroom. Ex: John Mayer, "Your Body Is a Wonderland." Or anything by Portishead?

Promosexual: A promosexual's sexuality is mainly measured in terms of how much promotional value it has. Recently used by New York to describe Clay Aiken; could also refer to Manhattan crazy/Casanova Paul Janka.