A decade ago a new television program called Will & Grace showed America, for the first time, how gay men really are: either boring and dateless or queeny and slutty. Feeling their gay fantasia on national themes is deserving of something of a second act (a Perestroika, perhaps?), W&G creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick have a new ABC pilot in the works about two writing partners, one of whom is straight and one of whom is a great big gay person. What a wacky combo! Just like Kohan and Mutchnick themselves, even. Maybe it won't be so bad. We actually do like stories about writers. Though, a quote from Mutchnick (the geigh one) leaves us unsure:

I'll make as many gay jokes as I make in a given night. That's the barometer that I'll use. I don't want to make it the drive. ... In this show with the gay characters that are on ... I want to believe that we are past it. That the gay angle is not the hook.

Problem is, we don't know how many gay jokes he makes in an average night. It could be hundreds if Will & Grace is any indication. Hopefully they'll at least mix it up a bit. Queeny and dateless could be kind of interesting, no? [AfterElton] After the jump, a clip from Will & Grace of a gay man dancing.