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The Republican National Convention has released a press release touting Google as the "Official Innovation Provider" to the 2008 Convention. Google will "enhance the GOP's online presence with new applications, search tools, and interactive video. In addition, Google will help generate buzz and excitement in advance of the convention through its proven online marketing techniques." I can only imagine the childlike joy that Google will bring to delegates.

David Drummond, Google's chief legal officer — and noted Obama supporter — claims Google is "pleased to work with the Republican National Convention to give citizens around the world easy access to convention information and new ways to engage in the event." I bet. Google is so pleased, it didn't feel it necessary to issue its own press release touting the partnership.

The reality: Google is trying to beef up its GOP lobbying, and the partnership will present plenty of opportunities to do so, in the guise of touting Google products. Drummond may be dextrous enough to deliver simultaneous reacharounds to both left and right, but many of his colleagues may not have the same political skills. No wonder Google PR is staying out of this one. (Photo by AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez)