As the above clip—which has been hanging at the top of Drudge all day—shows, Bill Clinton hates it when you call him a baby-killer! He also hates it when you call him a racist, a voter-disenfranchiser, or criticize his wife, as the Following Official Presidents Day Bill Clinton Getting Angry YouTube Clip Roundup of Patriotism amply demonstrates.

This one's from 1992, and it's Bill yelling at some Gay who wants him to cure AIDS.

In this now-classic video, Bill Clinton gets upset with a reporter who wants to know why the Clintons don't want to let all the casino workers vote for Barack Lolbama.

In this clip, Bill Clinton is angry that people have hope.

Above, Bill Clinton says "shame on you" to some reporter who has no shame.

(Please forgive the lack of a "YouTube has changed the nature of modern campaigning" think piece here, as we are not Howard Kurtz.)