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The Other Boleyn Girl looks like a lovely little film, just lovely, but OMG DID NATALIE AND SCARLETT JUST MAKE OUT?! It certainly looked like it last week at the Berlin premiere, as photographers got hot and heavy anticipating a moment where it seemed like Natalie was going in for some full tilt boogie with ScarJo. This moment came on the heels of that whole "Scarlett is sexy" comment that Natalie made in their joint W interview. And there was that whole matter of the duo's matching haircuts on The Today Show. So why are Scar and Nat getting so friendly these days? Hint: it has less to do with intimacy and more to do with putting asses in seats.

Here's one thing we do know. Because early reviews have been mixed (Var liked Boleyn, THR called it "handsome but glum"), the studio can't necessarily count on rave reviews to drive people in the flyover states to the theaters. And even if the film did end up garnering significant critical buzz, period pieces haven't been raking in dough since Titanic. Not to mention the fact that the last time both Scarlett and Natalie donned period garb, the results at the box office were less than overwhelming (Girl With A Pearl Earring grossed $31 million worldwide; Goya's Ghosts made, gulp, $8 million). Hence, the reason that the evil geniuses in Sony's marketing department decided to convince the two to play the sapphic will they or won't they card while out on the publicity trail. However, here's what we can't figure out: if the studio decided that they wanted to market this film to the Girls Gone Wild demo, shouldn't they have just smacked a close-up shot of Scarlett's bodice-ripping cleavage on the one-sheets? That would've put some butts in seats. Including ours.