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In which organization's Lost & Found bin would you find the following: keys to BMWs and Porsches, an iPod, a walking stick, a Republican voter's registration card, and orthopedic inserts? No, not the Dick Cheney Fan Club. Try the WGA! Items left behind after the writer's strike paint a not-so-pretty of our favorite rebels with pens. Not even the presence of "about 10 pairs of glasses" can woo us into forgiving one member's disregard for his engraved wedding ring. More from the list, including what was engraved on the holy band (in case you're missing yours), after the jump.

Judging by TV Week's compilation of some of the "more interesting" contents of the WGA Lost & Found, those picketing pranksters were kind of like a frisky group of retirees on a camping trip. Pots and pans? Collapsible chairs? A bra and two pairs of pants? Even more intriguing than the contents themselves is the fact that a bunch of embarrassed scribes are eventually going to have to tuck their tails between their legs and claim the stuff. Oh, and if any of you writers' wives out there had your dear husband's wedding ring engraved with "Benchmark," you'll have to live with the fact that he loves the Guild more than you. But you probably already knew that.