Anna Anisimova, the vodka-swilling, floppy furry hat wearing (i.e. Russian) version of Paris Hilton, narrowly, and by pure chance, escaped death recently. It seems that an impulsive decision to sleep at her mother's house last Tuesday, rather than at her own $15 million Time Warner Center apartment, saved her from being squished by the four hundred pound chandelier that hung over her bed. Apparently the damn thing crashed down during the night, destroying everything underneath it. Scary! This being a Russian heiress's house, though, the whole place is probably fraught with peril: statuary that could topple onto you at a moment's notice, whole mirrored walls that could suddenly shatter, some kind of animal print carpeting on the staircase that could screw with your depth perception and make you tumble down the stairs, and, of course, radioactive tea. Terrifying. [P6]