When Lindsay Lohan shows her boobs and it's not by accident, when David Archuleta rockets to front runner status on American Idol merely by gazing into the camera and when Larry The Cable Guy is poised to set the box office afire with Witless Protection, that's a signal for us here at Defamer to call in some big guns capable of helping us cover all the goings-on in the pop culture universe. Unfortunately, none of those big guns returned our phone calls, so we went to Plan B and called Nick Malis instead. You may know him from his previous guest blogging stints on this site or, perhaps, from his recently re-launched blog, Cute Things Falling Asleep. Regardless of how much you know about him, know that he'll be here for the rest of the week covering all the stories that the other editors don't feel like getting around to. We kid, we kid! We think Nick is fab and are extremely grateful that he'll be popping in to lend us a hand for the next few days while we continue to conduct our search for America's Next Top Defamer. Enjoy!