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Thank god that News Corp. bought the Wall Street Journal, so that it can use the paper as a platform to give voice to the voiceless in our society: News Corp. executives. Yesterday, the Journal ran an op-ed by William McGurn, who's back at News Corp. after spending the last three years writing speeches for noted speaker George W. Bush. In it, McGurn identifies our country's leading problem: Reporters who are "full of snark."

And over three years in the West Wing, you see a few things. You see who's a straight shooter, and who's full of snark. You see who's smart, and whose outrageous behavior would have made its way to Drudge had it involved White House staffers instead of White House correspondents.

This is one propagandist who tells it like it is. He goes on to explain how stupid the press has been for ignoring the great vindications that all of Bush's unpopular policies have had recently.

We can only hope that Rupert Murdoch's front page feature on why Ted Turner is an ugly hick is coming soon!