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Sure, you already brewed up a vat of 9-layer dip for your Independent Sprit Awards party this Saturday, but don't go nuts and eat the whole thing. You're gonna want to have some leftovers laying around, because apparently there's another award show going on this weekend. It's called the Oscars, and while there's no big prime time star like Rainn Wilson at the helm, they did manage to convince a comedian from basic cable to perform the hostly duties. The New York Times scored an interview with said host, and word on the street is that is Jon Stewart is going to attempt to be humorous!

For those of you worried that Stewart and his freshly-unstruck writing staff have been sitting in a room for days doing nothing but honing their Marion Cotillard zingers, you needn't fret. Jon Stewart reassures us that he's not just gonna get up there and make fun of everyone:

The thing I always have to fight is I have a tendency to undercut. It's the comedy of deflation in large amount. That doesn't necessarily work on the greatest night of their lives. There is a strong tension between respecting these people and somehow deflating them while standing in that room. I like that. I find that tension interesting."

All that tension and deflation certainly sounds hilarious, but even if it doesn't go well, Stewart plans to remain unaffected. "I have a good job, I have a good life. I'm not looking to do something that would eat me up inside. But I do like the process. It's fun putting on a show." Thanks, Jon. In this cutthroat world of entertainment, it's nice to finally hear about someone who actually cares. Maybe we'll even tune in to the show.

[Photo Credit: NY Times]