The final Runway four climbed onto Live with Regis and Kelly's barstools this morning, offering us, the way-too-involved Project Runway fan, the illusion of seeing some old, completely-charisma-free friends on national morning TV! (Perhaps the same is being said of us.) Moments after Jillian Lewis shared the many, many mishaps that made the construction of her Twizzlers dress such a living nightmare (so many licorice-related complications!), Reeg goes in for the kill:

"Are you happy with the winner?" he asks, as his munchkin co-host scans their faces for traces of victory or bitter resentment. Though three respond with a stony silence even more deafening than the one executed by Tim Gunn upon first witnessing Sweet P's wrestling outfit, one (and this is where we start shouting POSSIBLE SPOILER! MAKE IT SPOILER! IN FASHION, SOMETIMES YOU'RE IN AND SOMETIMES YOU'RE A SPOILER!) professes, with a shit-eating grin, to be "happy with the winner...of course!" A feroche red herring? A slip of the fierce? We won't know until the German lady sings, in the second half of the two-part finale airing March 5.