After yesterday's Wisconsin primary, a convincing win by Barack Obama in a largely white state, the prospect of a black Democratic nominee, and a black president, looks possible, even likely. And it only took 232 years! Of course, oh-so-progressive Hollywood got there long ago. Here's the ultimate list of black presidents, from movies and TV. They range from President Camacho of Idiocracy through to the weary statesman played by Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact. (If we've missed any, let us know.)

Tom Beck, Deep Impact


President Lindberg, The Fifth Element</strong

Mays Gilliam, Head of State


Duane Elizondo Camacho, Idiocracy

Douglass Dilman, The Man</strong

Wayne Palmer, 24

Principled, dedicated man facing crazy, bomb-explodey times. Confounded by his scheming, Cheney-esque VP. Not quite dead yet.