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· Hollywood Out of Ideas: Holy Shit, Now They're Raiding the Game Closet Edition. Universal signs a six-year deal with Hasbro to produce "at least four feature films based on branded properties." Among the classic toys and boardgames in their stable: Monopoly, Candy Land, and Ouija. Bay + Candy Land + Giant Fucking Gumdrops + Marshmellow Explosions = Wicked. [Variety]
· The NBC Universal Super-Exec League of Silver Man, The Zucker, and The Phantom Graboff have connected their powerful Peacock Rings and once again produced the impossible: a 52-week programming schedule. You read that right: 52 weeks. They are truly amazing. [Variety]
· Variety sticks fork in this year's Oscar telecast, declares it done. [Variety]

· More guild award results: The 10th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards gave Blades of Glory (contemporary), Sweeney Todd (period), and The Golden Compass (fantasy) their top honors, with the Platinum Codpiece awarded to Sacha Baron Cohen for excellence in the package-stuffing arts. [THR]
· Monk is back for a seventh season. Yay! Who doesn't love a little more Monk? We're definitely going to get around to watching an episode this go-around. [Variety]

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