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Last week, conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh begged Apple CEO Steve Jobs for bug fixes on problems he'd been having for months. Finally, an Apple muckety-muck reached out to El-Rushbo:

I have an announcement to make: Apple corporate called. Somebody from high up the corporate ladder at Apple Computer in California, out in Cupertino, called the office.

He continues:

When did you get the message? When did they call, late yesterday afternoon? All right, they called at nine o'clock this morning, very, very, very nice guy, put my IT guy in touch with them, working — No, it was not Al Gore. Ha! No, Mr. Snerdley [his producer], it was not Al Gore. I'm not going to mention the gentleman's name because the Mac user community that hates me will start bombarding this guy. He's a West Coast guy. He called about six a.m. out there and said, "I'm here now," so our IT guy is working with him. That's cool. Yes, it's official. It's not a hacker. It was official. Don't start gumming up the works. It was really true.