Would you like to work for former famous person Elizabeth Hurley (Vanessa Kensington) and her husband, Indian textiles heir Arun Nayar? As long as you don't mind cleaning house twenty hours a day for only a small pile of rupees, you'll absolutely love it. Just ask Violet D'Souza, the couple's former maid (brought from Mumbai by Nayar) who recently accused the couple of making her toil seven days a week for the paltry sum of only $200 (paid, allegedly, in Indian currency.) The case was dropped, though, when a reportedly five figure settlement was reached late yesterday. That's the problem with those girls from deepest Indjuh - once they get a taste for lovely light-skinned life in London, it's all outrageous demands. At least five figures will last her a good three weeks in that most expensive of cities. [P6]