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Actor, model, cheesecake entrepreneur, and publicist Michael Sands is helping his client, Britney manager/ extorter Sam Lutfi, protect his valuable reputation by craftily playing gossip outlets against each other. TMZ reported last night that the LAPD is investigating Lutfi for illegally drugging Britney. Hours later, struck back with a report that the po-po is doing no such thing [UPDATE: takes credit for the original scoop]! The evidence is clear:

Michael Sands, Sam Lutfi's spokesman, exclusively tells us that "Internet tabloid gossip Web sites need to stop reporting bogus stories without knowing the truth. They need to stop brainwashing the public."

..... Reported

Bonus hilarious quote:

Follow-up calls to the LAPD Media Relations department were answered by Officer Lee, who said, "Who would you believe? The LAPD or Internet reports?"