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Looks like Penelope co-stars Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon could learn a thing or two from touchy-feely new couple Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman: when co-starring in a film that's not guaranteed to be a hit, don't stop at matching haircuts and standing thisclose together at the premiere. Go in for the kill already! Holding on to each other and smiling from ear to ear (but not rear to rear), Reesetina looked almost as lovey-dovey as ScarNat at the LA premiere of Penelope last night, but one set of tattooed cleavage does not a Fake Kiss make.

Facing the same predicament as The Other Boleyn Girl, Penelope has split the trades; Var calls it "uneven," while THR thinks it's "charming." But just like Boleyn, this adapted tale is armed with one hot blonde and one hot brunette. Though marketing hornballs may have been responsible for ScarNat's press blitz, Reese is wearing her producer's hat on this picture, meaning there probably won't be any funny business. Which is a shame, considering the fact that Reesetina had the boobs/vixen hair/tight dresses thing going on back at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival, where Penelope first debuted. Maybe they just need to rekindle the flame.

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