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In today's most dramatic case of Hollywood hypocrisy, LAPD chief William Bratton has reportedly lashed out at anyone in favor of Councilman Dennis Zine's proposal for a new Britney Spears-inspired paparazzi law. Bratton went so far as to criticize the press for covering "airheads" and also suggested stars get psychiatric help in his monthly interview with KPCC. Which all sounds up to par and somewhat sensible until you remember this is the same Bratton who himself is fond of "traipsing all over town" with his press-happy wife. From LA Observed:

What we need is Britney Spears to stay home instead of traipsing all over town. That would solve the problem. We don't need additional laws...I've got laws coming out my ears to deal with this issue."

As Zine told Access Hollywood last week, "it cost $25,000 to take Britney Spears to the hospital...Taxpayers paid for that." But Bratton, who's married to Court TV correspondent Rikki Kleiman, isn't going to reprise Ahnold's signing of 2006's anti-paparazzi law following Lindsay Lohan's assualt charges against an overly anxious pap on the highway. His decision seems to fly in the face of a 2003 interview he did with the NY Times, in which he gushed about moving to LA, prepared to attend the Oscars, invited Adrien Brody over for dinner, and positively swooned when he got the chance to take a picture out and about with Mickey Rourke. Worse yet, the title of Rikki's best-selling book? Fairy Tales Do Come True: How a Driven Woman Changed Her Destiny.