Former so-called Harvard Duchess Erica Birmingham sent us an email, in which she displayed remarkably good humor. She also sent, at our request, a non-beer pic! "Saw your post about me and that random (and admittedly bad) picture. I actually had no idea Julia Allison wanted me to come to her birthday party so thanks for letting me know! And, all it cost was some generic insults in a public forum. For the record, I know that article in The Crimson is pretty ridiculous, and I'm not quite the hero of the Gawker class, but I am surprised to generate so many page views." We asked her what she was up to these days, and she gave us an update!

I'm on the board of L.W.A.L.A., which is an organization that raises money for a village (Lwala, Kenya) in need of a hospital. I also volunteer for a group called Saving Second Base, which targets young people to raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer through the Susan G. Koman Foundation for the Cure. I'm interested in design, currencies, and elaborate theme parties. And, I once drank a beer at an awkward angle in college and I never knew there would be so many opinions about it.