Loopy, possibly bewigged former model and current TV juggernaut Tyra Banks may has a confuse. Today's episode of her self-titled talk show is all about breasts and bras; finding the right bras, getting rid of the wrong ones, and all that empowering stuff. The centerpiece of the episode seems to be some sort of bra bonfire in which Tyra and her audience members gather, hobo-like, 'round a flaming trash can and toss their old bras in to burn burn burn. Did Tyra see a picture of Feminism once and mistakenly take it as instructions for bra disposal? I don't know. She is always confusing, but rarely more so than today. I guess I just don't know much about bras. Nor does Alex Pareene, who could only offer the insight that they are burning bras while wearing other ones. Also, I managed to spell Sheila's name wrong. Boys! Video after the jump.