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Hipsters can complain about it all they want, but America has fully embraced the Junoverse. Not only is it the most popular of this year's Best Picture nominees ($125 million and counting), it also has an excellent chance of pulling off a Crash-style upset come Sunday. While we seemingly hear the phrase "it's the closest Oscar race in years" each and every awards season, this year it might actually be true. No one movie stands out as a frontrunner. No Country For Old Men is confusing, There Will Be Blood is looooong and grim, 6 people saw Michael Clayton and Atonement feels like an afterthought. That leaves Juno. Just because you sit in your little Silverlake apartment hating on all that overwritten dialogue doesn't mean the rest of the country didn't find it utterly charming.

In a recent Reuters poll of "regular" movie goers, Juno came out as the favorite of all the nominees. And a figure no less authoritative than The Carpetbagger himself feels a Juno upset could be in the works. He even quotes an actual blogger as evidence:

Academy members vote the way their hearts tell them (not the critics), and this year's poor predictions of the Academy's Best Picture lineup by the guilds (PGA missed "Atonement," DGA missed "Juno" and "Atonement," and SAG missed "Atonement," "Juno," "Michael Clayton" and "There Will Be Blood") exposes their memberships' lack of ideological and/or personnel overlap with the Academy's."

Uh, we don't know what any of that means, Reege. But we think he's trying to tell us that we ought to start taking our Xanax now so we don't shoot out the TV in an Elvis-style fit of rage when Juno's name is announced this weekend.