Is Product Placement Threatening The Media?A scary question: Is widespread product placement—a phenomenon that's already here in television and movies—going to become ubiquitous in our beloved magazines, as well? The question was debated at the FOLIO Publishing Summit, currently underway at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami. In one of Doral's more than 40 meeting rooms, several panelists said that it's only a matter of time before product placement spreads. One suggested that the issue may not be sacred to most average readers, like those leafing through their favorite magazines as they relaxed in the Doral's European inspired spa. The debate will likely continue over dinner at Doral's Champions Bar and Grill, and may even spill over into a nightcap at the poolside Cascades Bar. But contentious as the product placement issue is, it's nothing that can't be discussed politely over 18 holes on one of Doral's five championship golf courses. Regardless, it is a question of policy that not just magazines, but all forms of media need to "work out"—perhaps they should try one of Doral's personalized fitness consultations, only $100 for an hour-long Specialty Session.

Is Product Placement Threatening The Media?

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