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Michael Lohan is back and he's looking for trouble. Not only has he allegedly revealed all the prescription medications Lindsay has ever taken to In Touch, he also claims he's chosen not to view the NY Mag photo shoot because he's such a good dad. So, dare we ask, what advice does he have for his darling daughter and all the other lost souls out there? "Most of these young people shouldn't be on some of these medications, they should be getting spiritual guidance, counseling and exercise." Not only does Michael know just what's good for you, he's qualified to give out medical advice! The only difference between Michael and a real doctor? That pesky doctor-patient confidentiality thing.

Michael tells In Touch exactly what mental disorders Lindsay had, and what her, ahem, actual doctor, prescribed for her: "They had her on Adderall for her Attention Deficit Disorder, Xanax for depression and anxiety and Ambien for insomnia." But the kicker is his revelation that she was also prescribed Oxycontin, one of the lethal drugs found in Ledger's toxicology report. Dr. Michael just doesn't want her to overdose on this one. Who knew a former alcoholic ex-con could be Lindsay's father, mother, priest, doctor, friend and psychiatrist all in one beautiful package?